What Can Social Media do for Your HVAC Business?

Posted by Climatic Comfort Products on 8/25/15 3:59 PM


Your online advertising needs to be where the people are - but where are they?
Right in front of you. Using social media.
Why use social media? 
Social media is one of the fastest growing marketing techniques because it can generate some real results very quickly. According to this report from the Social Media Examiner, a whopping 96% of marketers use social media in their daily work lives, and 92% of them said it was important to their bottom line. It works for large corporations and small companies, business-to-business and business-to-customer companies, local and nationwide companies, you name it. People love social media, and so should you.  
But why would people follow you on social media? Here are the top 5 reasons pulled from Marketing Tech Blog:
  1. Promotions and discounts
  2. Latest product information
  3. Customer service
  4. Entertaining content
  5. Ability to offer feedback
Here are a just a couple key ways you can use social media to your HVAC business’s advantage:
Create Awareness with Little to No Budget
You can reach a large audience while using little to no advertising budget. The traditional methods that produce this kind of reach cost significantly more.
Bonus: with social media, you can target your posts demographically and/or geographically so they not only reach people, they reach the RIGHT people.
Grow Your Audience and Reach
So you built a website for your company… but how do you get people to visit your website? You can start by being where your customers are: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, etc. Creating a hook on your social media posts will prompt people to visit your website. Want another perk? Using social media will improve your website’s search ranking so you will appear more often in popular search results. 
Instant Feedback
Ask questions on your wall and start conversations. People feel more anonymous on social media, so they will give more candid opinions. This is good, honest feedback. You can learn from the good comments AND the bad ones.
Social Media is a fantastic way to be noticed. If you utilize these channels properly, you’ll generate some amazing results.  

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