The Art of Upselling: Do’s and Dont’s

Posted by Climatic Comfort Products on 2/17/16 3:03 PM


Think of the bargain shopper in your life.
We all know one (if we aren’t one ourselves). There’s an art in searching for the right bargain, and a definite victory when you find high quality for low price. But when the bargain shopper simply looks for the cheapest item, they should be prepared for the cheapest quality. Jeans that shrink after the first wash. The suitcase that loses its wheels on the first trip. I’m sure you can add a few more items to that list.
The value of upselling is in helping the customer avoid the low-quality pitfalls. It’s your job as a salesman to guide them through the retail jungle to find the quality of product that they need.

Check.pngDO: Uncover Preconceptions
When a customer comes in looking for the cheapest item, it’s okay to ask why. Try to understand why they seek out the low-end products. Maybe they’ve had bad experiences or are using the product incorrectly, or maybe they don’t understand the value of the higher-end products. Either way, you can help guide them in the right direction.
X.pngDON’T: Be Too Pushy
Being too aggressive with your customer or pushing them to purchase a credit card they may not want risks pushing them away from the upsell, and sometimes even turns them off from the original purchase and coming back to your store. That, in turn, risks them spreading bad word-of-mouth press about your company. So, try gently easing the customer into an upsell, but be sure to see when your time is done.
Check.pngDO: Demonstrate Value
It’s a great day when you offer the upsell item and the customer simply says “okay.” But as that rarely happens, you should be prepared to explain the value of the product you’re trying to upsell to them. It may be an upgrade from the model they’re thinking of purchasing or it could be an additional item. You’ll need to explain why they should consider the purchase.
X.pngDON’T: Go Out of Context
Your upsell items should always relate directly to the original purchase. For example, if the customer is purchasing a new air conditioning unit, offer a maintenance plan to go with it.
Check.pngDO: Be Prepared for Challengers
Every now and then, you’ll get a customer that asks “Why should I buy this?” or “Why should I work with you/your company?” Don’t be afraid of the spotlight! This is your moment to sell to an open, interested customer. Once you’ve explained the value of your product or service, add in customer testimonials, expert reviews, user ratings, and so on. With knowledge and confidence in your answer, these should be the easiest customers to gain.

Every customer that walks through your door is an opportunity.
Make sure you’re prepared for upsells and knowledgeable about the value of your products and services. It may take some practice and time to get your conversion rate up, but exercise a little perseverance and you’ll see your average sale numbers climb. Remember that the better value of products you sell, the more loyal and happy your customers will be.



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