How to Utilize Social Media to Build a Following Around Your HVAC Business

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Social media is a powerful tool for communication. Now is the time to harness that power and use it to build a following for your business.
The best businesses use social media to draw followers in with interesting posts and high quality visuals. These tricks keep their fans coming back to their sites time and again.
How can you create that kind of hype around your social media channels? Use these four big bullet points to start.

Keyword Optimization:
Optimization means using your audience's common search keywords that are specific to your business in your pages and posts. You use relevant keywords so that your pages and/or posts show in search engine results when people search for those keywords. This will help people find your social media page and your business.

Cater to your followers:
Make sure your social pages will catch your follower’s eyes by posting topics they’re interested in. L’Oreal’s LinkedIn page does a great job of this. They post content that their customers can relate to and encourage conversations on their page. 
Another good idea is to reward your audience for their loyalty. You can offer promotional giveaways or hold contests, like Burt’s Bees’ Facebook page.
Show the people behind the business:
People like to see the human beings behind the company logo. Use some personality in your posts and don’t be afraid to you a personal voice and conversational language. Consider using a professionally photographed picture of your team for your profile pictures.  
And even better than seeing the humans behind the business, people like to see good people behind the business. Participating in community programs like local festivals or charity events will help to spread positive news about your company. Be sure to let your followers know about these events ahead of time and post recaps.
ModCloth’s facebook page is a prime example of this. They use their own employees to model their new fashion trends and post videos of their employees standing up for social issues like women’s equality.
Know your platforms:
Every social media platform is different, but no matter which channel you’re using, you should post frequently. Studies show that companies who post two times per day gain twice as many followers as those who post once or twice a week. That’s twice as many people in your audience and twice as many potential clients.
You should also do your research on the best times to post on each channel. Engagement rates fluctuate as users go through their day, and it’s important to put your message in front of your audience when they’re paying attention.


Check out the infographic below for a detailed list of 20 best practices for growing your following on social media.


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