How to Make a Killer YouTube Page for Your HVAC Business

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Video marketing is rapidly becoming one of the most popular forms of content sharing, and YouTube is the best place to do just that. This is a great tool for HVAC business to use to bring more customers in and make the experience more valuable.

Create a YouTube business account

YouTube is owned by Google now, so you will need a Google+ account (and a Google email address) to set up your YouTube page. If you already have a G+ account, you can use that to create your YouTube account. If not, you will enter your information and a G+ account will be automatically created for you.


The most efficient way to make a YouTube page is to go through Google+. If you don’t have a G+ account, you can visit our tutorial How to Make a Killer Google+ Page for your HVAC Business.

  • Make sure you’re logged in Google+, then go to YouTube.
  • When you’re on YouTube’s homepage, click on your icon in the top right corner and you’ll see a drop down menu appear.
  • Click the channel you want to make a page for, then YouTube will take you through a quick tutorial. Once you’ve completed that, you’re ready to start posting!
It’s less efficient, but you can create a Google+ page by making a new YouTube account. However, you will need a Google email account. If you don’t have one already, click here to create one.
  • Go go YouTube’s home page. Click on your icon in the top right hand corner and you’ll see a drop down menu appear.
  • Click on the “Creator Studio” option.
  • Next, choose to “create a new channel.”
  • When the window populates for creating a new channel, enter your company  name and select the most fitting category.
  • Once this is done, YouTube will take you through a quick tutorial. You will also find that you have a Google+ page created for you. You can find it under your icon on the top right corner.
Congratulations! You’ve created your YouTube page. Now to customize it:
Introduce Yourself
Add your profile picture and your channel art by hovering over the pictures and clicking the pencil icon for editing. Next you’ll want to fill in the About tab with your description and a link to your website. You can also link your other social sites here, like your blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.
Take a Look at YouTube Creator Studio
To find the Creator Studio, click on your icon in the top right corner and you’ll find a “Creator Studio” button under your channel. There are several different features in the Creator Studio that let you monitor your YouTube account.
  • Dashboard: this is a quick overview of the action on your YouTube channel
  • Video Manager: you can manage all of your content on this page. There are a couple of other cool features here like live-streaming an event, viewing all of your “liked” videos, and creating video playlists.
  • Community: you can monitor the interactions between you and other YouTube users here.
  • Analytics: YouTube has a fairly in-depth analytics tool that you should use to your advantage.
  • Create: you can upload your videos here.
Now that you’re more familiar with what YouTube has to offer, you’re ready to start posting content. Here are a few pointers to help you use YouTube to draw in business.
Create Content, not Ads
When you’re creating your videos, keep in mind why people share content. People are not going to share your videos if you create ads or promotional videos, so make something that they will share.
Include Call to Actions
This is maybe the most important tool a business can use on its YouTube account. In every video (definitely at the end but possibly during the video), you’ll want to list a call to action that benefits both you and the viewer. This may be an option to subscribe to your YouTube channel or directing them to your website for more information. Including call to actions in your videos is vital for leveraging YouTube for your business.
Don’t Give Up
Many companies are initially very excited to create a YouTube account because of the advantages of using video marketing, but they get discouraged when they don’t get the traffic and shares they want right away. But don’t worry, keep at it!
Focus on creating the best quality and high value content for your audience. Use the first five seconds of your video to grab the viewer’s attention. And remember: share your YouTube channel everywhere - emails, website, social platform, etc.
For some inspiration, take a look at Best Buy’s YouTube channel. They’ve done a great job creating videos that spark viewer’s interests, like demo's of new products, tips about buying certain products, and videos that outline their causes and what they believe in.

The power of video shouldn’t be underestimated, so make sure you create the best videos for your company page that you can. Investing time and effort into a well-made YouTube channel will prove its worth.

Explore more options for your social presence. Keep reading with our next post, How to Make a Killer LinkedIn Page for your HVAC Business.


Happy Posting!



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