How to Make a Killer Twitter Page for Your HVAC Business

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There’s a good chance that people don’t expect you to have a Twitter page.

So surprise them!


Using Twitter for your business is a great way to share in-the-moment thoughts and pictures with your followers. Using Twitter is also a big perk for you business because it brings in customers in a major way.
Create your Twitter account:
  1. Sign up: go to Twitter’s homepage, then click “Sign Up” on the top of the page. Then enter your company’s full name, email address, and create your username. Try to make your username 15 characters or less and make sure it’s relevant and memorable so that people can find you easily.
  2. Confirm your account: Twitter will send an email to the email address you just entered, so have your email account open and ready to confirm your new account.
  3. Customer your profile: upload a high-quality profile photo and a header photo. Add a description of your company and your website URL.
Twitter uses the “@” tagging function to create conversations between two Twitter users and “#” hashtags to categorize a post. Let’s look further into these two functions.
Using @ followed immediately by your username or a fellow Twitter-er’s username will tag that person (example: @ClimaticComfort). When you publish a tweet, it will show up on all of your follower’s homepages. If you tag someone at the beginning of your tweet (example: “@NexiaHome, we’re loving your smart thermostat!”), only Tweeters that follow both @ClimaticComfort AND @NexiaHome will be able to see this on their homepage. However, if you tag someone in the middle of your tweet (example: “We’re loving @NexiaHome’s smart thermostat!”), everyone that follows @NexiaHome and @ClimaticComfort will see the tweet.
Hashtags categorize your tweet so other users can see tweets on the same topic. Hashtags don’t use any punctuation or spaces between words and they begin with the “#” symbol. You can see trending hashtags on the left hand side of your home screen. Using a #hashtag in your tweet will put your message in front of people who are interested in the topic you’re tweeting about. (Example: @ClimaticComfort: Are you ready for “the third wave of IT innovation” #InternetOfThings)

Congratulations! You’re all set up. Now you can start tweeting! Here some best tips and practices to get you started:
Use the 80/20 Rule
Roughly 80% of your posts should be geared toward building relationships (aiming for retweets, replies, and favorites). A good example of this is posting behind-the-scenes photos or videos of your team or posting questions to your audience like “Summer is ending, what’s your favorite summer activity?” Once you’ve established some traction, you can mix in some promotions and advertising that steer followers towards taking action (like clicking a link to your website or purchasing something online).
Develop a Strategy
Try to stick to a plan with your posts. A great way to do this is to create themes for certain days of the week, such as posting promotions every Wednesday and sharing behind-the-scenes photos every Thursday. Create a #hashtag for your theme and start a trend.
Use Your Voice
This is a must for each social channel you use. Even if your company uses a formal voice, it’s important to throw in some humor and relate to your audience. Show them that there are real people behind your brand. Maybe share some throw-back photos with a funny caption or comment on real-time cultural events as they happen. Engaging your followers on a personal level (while still being professional) humanizes your company.
Bonus: Another tip that should be used for every social channel is to always use a picture or video with your posts. It’s the hook, and your content is the bait to draw them into your profile, then to your website. These will catch the Twitter user’s eye and they’ll be more likely to pay attention to your post rather than passing it by.
Make your Twitter Presence Known
Make sure customers know about your Twitter page by adding a follow button to your website and blog, use your @username everywhere, and take advantage of #hashtags. Using your username will direct Twitter users to your profile.  Using hashtags will put your posts in front of a larger audience.
Make Goals and Measure Success
Twitter Analytics will monitor your account and display how many people have seen your tweets, visited your profile, mentioned your @username, or followed your account in the past month. To open the analytics menu, hover over your profile icon at the top of the page and then click “Analytics.” When you open the analytics menu, it will pull up in a new tab on the analytics home page. For more in depth information, you can click on the “Tweets” or “Followers” tabs. Using Twitter analytics is a good way to display results from any campaigns you ran over Twitter for upcoming events or promotions.
Let Oreo’s Twitter page serve as your inspiration. Click here to check out Oreo’s Twitter page. When the power went out in the 2013 Super Bowl, Oreo didn’t skip a beat. They immediately posted the picture below and were rewarded with over 10,000 retweets within one hour.

Twitter is all about the “here and now.” When used right, this social channel can rally your audience behind your business and create a valuable following for your company.

Create a plan of attack on multiple fronts. Tune in for our next article in this series, How to Make a Killer Google+ Page for Your HVAC Business.

Happy Posting!


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