How to Make A Killer LinkedIn Page for your HVAC Business

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Marketing on LinkedIn is a little different from other social channels. LinkedIn is a network of professionals, and while it’s important to show your personality on your page, your LinkedIn account should take the form of an online resume.

Getting your Company up on LinkedIn
Before you create a company page, you’ll need to make a personal LinkedIn account. Make sure this represents you professionally and personally. Fill in as many of the sections of your profile as you can to give your connections a well-rounded impression of your accomplishments.
Creating your Company Page
  • Create a personal account: you must first have a personal LinkedIn account with you true first and last name. Your personal page must meet some requirements before you can create a business page. Check those out here.
  • Create a company page: as you move your cursor over “Interests,” select “companies.” Then click “Create a Company Page.” Enter your company name and your work email address. Then click “continue” to enter your company information.

Congratulations! You’re ready to start connecting. Here’s some best tips and practices to make the most of what LinkedIn has to offer:
  • Optimize your page: use keywords in your summary, job titles, descriptions, and content links
  • Tell your Story: share your company’s story and give your connections a glimpse of the personality behind the business
  • Create a Showcase Page: create showcase pages for each aspect of your business and give your connections a chance to follow their favorite parts of your company
  • Join Conversations: participate in existing conversation groups and establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry, or start your own conversation group and invite your followers to join in
Looking for inspiration? Check out these business pages:
Dell uses LinkedIn to reach even more of their target audience than just their followers by leveraging Sponsored Updates. You can take advantage of this as well. Click here to visit Dell’s LinkedIn Page.
When Evernote posts updates about new product information, they pin the best tidbits to the top of their profile. That means it’s the first thing visitors see when they view their profile. Click here to visit Evernote’s LinkedIn Page.
If you’re looking for the perfect example of humanizing your brand and having meaningful conversations with your followers, look no further. L’Oreal pulls in their followers by encouraging discussions, asking questions, and celebrating their brand achievements. Click here to visit L’Oreal’s LinkedIn Page.
LinkedIn is the ideal setting for building a network of connections with professional individuals and companies. It’s a sophisticated social channel that gives you the opportunity to present your business to a high quality targeted audience.

Now that you've created your social pages, what do you do with them? Continue our social marketing series with our next article, How to Utilize Social Media to Build a Community Around Your HVAC Business.
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