How to Make a Killer Google+ Page for Your HVAC Business

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Google+ is the new kid on the block since they arrived in 2011, but it quickly climbed the popularity ladder in the social media rankings. Having an account on Google+ is a strategic move for your marketing campaign.

Create your Google+ Page:
  1. Create your personal Google+ page: you can’t create a business page without first making your personal Google+ page. You can create that by clicking on the Google apps icon at the top right of the screen and selecting “Google+.” Follow the prompts until your page is set up.
  2. Set up your company page: Once your personal Google+ page is set up, select “Home” on the top left of the screen and then click on “Pages.” Click on the “Get your Page” button to set up your business page.
    • Choose the type of business you’re creating. You’ll probably want to choose “Storefront.” (You can make more than one Google+ business page for different aspects of your business)
    • On the next screen, search for your business using Google maps.
    • Enter your company information.
  3. Customize your page: Add a profile picture and cover photo and enter descriptions in your Tagline and Introduction. Google+ allows for links to your other social sites, so make sure they’re listed.

Congratulations! You’ve set up your Google+ page. G+ runs things a little differently than other social sites, so take a moment to read below about Circles and Hangouts.
G+ categorizes people into “circles.” This is their strategy to connect people with the same interests and share posts to the correct target audience. Your posts can be shared as “Public” with the whole world, within a circle, or with an individual person.
Using circles as a business is all about categorizing people into their relationships to you. You are given four circles to begin with when you create an account. Google+ can pull contacts from your Gmail account, Android, and other Google services you currently have. You can rename these circles, and it’s highly recommended that you do just that. You may want to rename them to something like “Purchasing Customers,” “Customers who Haven’t Purchased Yet,” “Colleagues,” etc. 
Once you have your contacts sorted into their circles, you can customize your posts to fit each circle and choose which groups of people you want to share posts with. This is an opportunity to amp up your customer service quality by posting blogs or articles on care and maintenance of HVAC units to your purchasing customers, posting articles on industry news to colleagues, or posting a flier of a local event you’re sponsoring to customers who haven’t purchased yet.
The main focus of G+ Circles, unlike other social channels, isn’t to get the most followers possible. You should concentrate on the quality of your connections. You should be following people or brands that you can learn from, and providing the same service for your own followers. Hint: that means you should post interesting and educational content!
Hangouts is a tool that connects people in face-to-face video conferencing. You can use G+ Hangouts to connect with up to 9 people, but with Hangouts On Air, you can broadcast your video to an unlimited audience.
As an HVAC business, you can use Hangouts as an on-the-spot customer service tool, Q&A on current industry news, and product launches. Hangouts also has a private option - this is an opportunity for you to hold coaching and consulting sessions. Hangouts offers extras such as sharing document creation, whiteboard collaboration, and screen sharing to troubleshoot problems or demonstrate a process.
Here are a few best tips and practices to implement on your new page. These will help draw followers in to your page and keep them coming back for more.
  • Post different types of media on your page: sharing a variety of media types (pictures, videos, interviews, blogs, etc.) will create interest for your followers and break up the social monotony. Add some flair to your page and, as always, make sure all of your media is high-quality.
  • Use Hashtags: Hashtags were created in Twitter, but they are used in many other social networks to categorize posts. Make sure your posts come up when fellow G+’ers search for your topic.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment: Try different tactics and see what kind of feedback you get. Take note of this and tweak your marketing scheme to focus on the more successful ventures. Since G+ is one of the newest social sites, this is the perfect venue to try out new ideas.

General Electric’s Google+ is a fantastic example of the best practices listed above. They post several different types of media to keep their follower interested and they definitely aren’t afraid to experiment with what works and what doesn’t. Check out GE's Google+ page here.

Google+ is a social channel focused on building relationships, establishing brand awareness and credibility, and growing your business. This isn’t the place to flash sales and promote yourself. By sharing educational and community-related posts, you’ll invite intelligent and high-caliber followers to take part in your business and you’ll gain from these connections over time.

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